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Craig West

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01/14/24 01:35 PM #1    

Laurie Vass

God, this is dreadful news..

Craig taught me how to flounder gig down in Bogue Sound, and was always delighted when I gigged an eel.

Craig's family had a beach house there, and one of the first things Craig had me do when we first got there is to get down on my hands and knees and look under the beds for snakes, who may have come in.

He was such a macho macho man, and was never scared of snakes or any other living thing.

His uncle had a store down in Enfield, and that family taught me how to catch Striped Bass when they ran up the Roanoke River in the Spring.

Craig had multiple brothers and sisters, among them Woody, the oldest and Tommy, the second oldest, both really fine people.

Even though his famiy wa huge, his Mom and Dad always took me in as a part of their family, and I loved being a member of that clan.

God, I had such a great  time with Craig.

I am grateful to God letting me know him

Laurie Thomas Vass





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