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06/13/14 01:44 PM #1    

Grover Proctor

Welcome to the Needham Broughton High School Class of 1969 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

06/20/18 04:03 AM #2    

George Douvris

As of Memorial Day our home and belongings were taken from us probably from the intense heat from the 900 foot deep crater next to us that was fill by lava in one day! The lava has spared the rest of the property for now but the most active fissure 8 continues behind us that just flowed down to Kapoho Bay destroying farms, homes and one of our best swimming areas.
I want to thank our daughters who started this GoFundMe as we were not on island to witness this catastrophe or being able to comfort them for the last month. Any help will be gratefully accepted to build a home again for us and them. Thank you for those who have made contributions already as everything will go towards our new HOME. Mahalo Nui Loa

Our kids have created this gofundme for us. If you are comfortable doing so, please post and share.

09/22/18 04:17 PM #3    

Shelley Crisp

Friday Night Lights with the September 1968 team. See anyone you know?                                                               




09/26/18 05:43 AM #4    


Laurie Thomas Vass

10/27/18 09:08 AM #5    

Shelley Crisp

Our elected leaders. Wonder what they are doing now? Who were Sanderson’s senior class officers?

11/26/18 07:51 AM #6    


Laurie Thomas Vass

The Theory of Technology Evolution

Laurie Thomas Vass

Copyright© 2019. The Great American Business and Economics Press. GABBYPress.

All rights reserved under Title 17, U.S. Code, International
And Pan-American copyright conventions.

No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, scanning, recording or duplication by any information storage or retrieval system without prior written permission from the author(s) and publisher(s), except for the inclusion of brief quotations with attribution in a review or report. Requests for reproductions or related information should be addressed to the author c/o Great American Business & Economics Press, 620 Kingfisher Lane SW, Sunset Beach, N. C. 28468.
Printed in the United States of America
January, 2019

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Direction of Technological Change.

Chapter 1.
An Overview of Theory of Technology Evolution.

Chapter 2. 17.
The Scope of the Metaphor Between Biological Evolution and Technology Evolution.

Chapter 3. 25
Building The Theory of Technological Evolution Upon the Foundation of General Equilibrium Theory.

Chapter 4. 37
Sustaining Innovation as Asexual Reproduction.

Chapter 5. 46
Disruptive Innovation As Two-Parent Genetic Cross Over.

Chapter 6. 49
The Relationship Between Technology Evolution and Capital Investments.

Chapter 7. 51
The Function of Consumer Expectations and Evolution.

Chapter 8. 57

The Relationship Between Income and Technological Evolution.

Chapter 9. 59
How Technological Evolution Changes the Structural Relations of Inter Industry Relationships.

Chapter 10.
The Emergence of New Future Markets. 62

Chapter 11.

The Contribution of Schumpeter to Evolutionary Economics. 65

No automatic alt text available.


11/27/18 08:47 AM #7    

Francis Hale


01/10/19 09:03 AM #8    

Shelley Crisp

Time to jog the memory. Can you identify any of these figures from the Broughton staff?

01/11/19 10:27 AM #9    

Joseph M. "Buddy" Jenrette

Mrs. Carter

Miss McDearmon

Mrs. Cogdell

Herr Watts

Those are the ones i recognize.

Buddy Jenrette

01/11/19 12:17 PM #10    

Robert Ruby (Ruby)

Fourth from left is Edward Blakeway. 

01/24/19 12:25 PM #11    

Shelley Crisp

Seeing double? There are three sets of senior twins in this photo. Can you identify them? Time to get out those LATIPACS and start browsing. By the way, who knows where the name of our yearbook originated? If you are the first to identify the twins and/or the first to answer the question correctly, you may just win a prize in September.

01/26/19 08:22 AM #12    

Norman "Butch" Miller

Beth and Jack Michaels,

Ronald and Donald Sykes

John and James McAllister


Capital spelled backwards

01/27/19 11:51 AM #13    

Shelley Crisp

Another winning entry!


01/27/19 10:53 PM #14    

E. Scott Huffman

Those I recognize:

James and John McAllister

Debroah and Beverly Johnson

Bob and Tom Hilker


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