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06/06/19 10:23 AM #24    

Shelley Crisp

Which way did we go, the caption asks. Can’t wait to hear some answers in September!



06/06/19 02:49 PM #25    

Lee Salisbury

Was Dale supposed to be in that picture, or was he just strolling through when the photographer pushed the button?
Also Professor Gardner, isn’t that you with the groovy necklace on?

06/11/19 01:45 AM #26    

George Douvris

Greetings from Sri Lanka. My wife Stephanie and I left our home and small organic farm in Hawaii over  a year ago for a 40th wedding anniversary journey. A few months after we arrived in India, we learned that the lava eruption in Hawaii had created a brush fire and burned down our house. There still is no road access so we are going to nest in this part of the world until we can get back to rebuild and replant.
I am sorry not to be able to make it to the reunion nor to the Woodstock one that I had hoped. It's nice to reminisce in the meantime through everyone's comments. I'll look forward to the photos and videos and a lovely time to all.

06/12/19 09:45 AM #27    

Betty Jean Dailey (Murray)

Does anyone remember Brenda Strubig? If so, do you know where or how she is????

06/15/19 03:29 PM #28    


Al Thorne

As to Shelly Crisp post, I think I am the far right dude - though hard to recognize. We all had those cool glasses on.   Al Thorne. 

08/01/19 12:25 PM #29    

Shelley Crisp


The question on everyone’s mind— you’ll have to be here in September to get the answer😉

08/02/19 07:43 AM #30    


Martha Wooldridge (Younts)

I wonder how I ever found the time to care for that long hair. (Yes, I am the one in LONG hair on the far right.)

08/02/19 08:12 AM #31    


Jeanette Byrum (Burns)

And to think we used to sleep in jumbo hair rollers! 

08/02/19 06:34 PM #32    


Debbie Martin

I received this wonderful email yesterday from Buddy Jenrette. I thought I would share his thoughts to all- as you know this forum is the way for all classmates to see ongoing conversations- Say
HI" to Buddy here or send him a private message.

"I am so sorry that I am going to be unable to attend our 50th graduation. Can you believe we are so old!! When my parents went to their 50th NBHS reunion, I thought that they were ancient. I actually still feel pretty young. Very unfortunately, we made plans long ago to go to Africa for my wife’s 70th birthday. We are going with a small group of UNC alumni, and I have long prepaid for all of our expenses. I am really disappointed.  

I just learned this week that my date for the senior prom—Bea Arline- who was one year younger than our class just died. I also just saw the message that Grey Hall died. I knew Grey since first grade but like so many others had not seen him in 50 years.  When I read about these deaths and see the notices in our Alumni newsletter, I realize how precious our time is.

I want to congratulate and thank you for the magnificent job that you have done in putting together all of the wonderful events for the reunion. It is one of the best organized functions that I have ever seen. It has been so much fun reading the profiles and comments from classmates. I have heard from quite a few that I had not seen or heard from forever. It really makes me nostalgic for our wonder years!

I have lived in Charleston, SC, ever since finishing college at UNC and have been at the same Medical University of South Carolina since 1973. Alas, I am retiring on the 31st of this month. It is a really bitter sweet moment as I love my work, colleagues and patients but want to quit while I still do love my work, my colleagues and patients. Forty years at the same job is long enough! 

I have re-established a presence in Raleigh as I have stepchildren and grandchildren who live there. We bought one of the condominiums down by Glenwood Village at the corner of Oberlin and Glenwood. My dentist’s office used to be in about the same location; so, my teeth always itch whenever we are there. Right now, we are only in Raleigh 3 or 4 at the most days per month. I think that will change after we return from Africa wherein we will spend more time in Raleigh than now and hopefully I will get to reconnect with you and other classmates still in the area. There are a lot of Caps who live in those condos, but they are for the most part about 7-12 years older than we. It has been great being back in Raleigh. The condos are within walking distance of my home and all of the areas that I know the best and love.

Thank you again for all of your magnificent work. Please express my sorrow to your committee and any other classmates who might vaguely remember me. I will look forward to hearing details about the big events.

Best wishes,

Buddy Jenrette

08/02/19 09:33 PM #33    


Hendricks Edgerton

Hendricks in July 1969

Right after graduation, being a CAP cadet, I traveled to Perrin AFB in Texas to participate in the Jet Orientation Summer Camp. While there I logged about two hours of flight time in the T-33, seen in the backgroud. That was the start of tens of thousands of hours of jet flying.

I watched the Apollo 11 moon landing while drinking beer at the base NCO club. (Remember we could drink at 18 then!) Years later, as a Delta Captain, I had Buzz Aldrin on a flight and he came and visited us on the flight deck. He ended the conversation by telling us he really enjoyed the flight, and I took that as a real complement coming from a pilot who had been to the moon.

I would be interested to know how many other classmates became professional pilots. The ones I know of are:

  • Richard Wilson flew combat in the AF and then was an pilot instructor for AirTran/Southwest in Atlanta.
  • I flew in the AF and then flew for 35 years with Delta in Atlanta and still instruct there.
  • Doug Utley flew in the AF, and lost track since then.

Any other updates on old pilots from Broughton would be appreciated.


08/03/19 01:29 PM #34    


Hendricks Edgerton


Richard Wilson sent me this picture of an AF Jr. ROTC trip to Seymour Johnson AFB.

It must have been a successful recruiting trip for the AF as Richard flew the F-4 in Gulf War 1.

I note the base commander was Chuck Yeager, the famous test/fighter pilot. Don't remember meeting him then, but I did have the in opportunity to join a night of bars and nightclub visits with him in Orlando, FL many years later. He was retired then and I was a LtCol, and he could still party strong.

08/03/19 09:52 PM #35    

Nancy Jones (Armstrong)

Debbie, I am reading these comments and letters and fully realize how large a senior class we were (esp adding in our Sanderson classmates). I feel like I knew so few in the long run-mostly those who went  to Fred Olds and Martin. By the time we went to Broughton we had divided into smaller groups-divided by our interests.  After High School, I went to UNC, then graduate school. My career was in int’l banking and I spent time with Lloyd’s Bank in NYC. After marrying a great guy, Rick Armstrong, I stopped working after our son was born with special needs. So my focus changed. I would love to know if there are other classmates who have raised special needs children.  Our two daughters were raised in Atlanta and both now live in Brooklyn. I am looking forward to being with everyone who is the same age as I 😜   And who remember Mr. Southwick, Mrs Stell, Mrs Rogers, Etc. All the best, 

Nancy Jones (Armstrong ) 

08/09/19 06:11 PM #36    


Mary Porter (Brown)

I am very excited about our 50th reunion, My husband grew up in Atlanta and attended his 50th reunion 2 years ago, he remarked there were a lot of old people there! I do not plan to see any old people at our reunion, just lots of friends!

Wondered if any faculty have been invited to attend. Many are no longer with us. My mom, Dixie Porter, is 96 and was a business teacher at Broughton. Broughton has a Faculty alumni group that she keeps up with and attends their yearly get together.

08/21/19 07:09 AM #37    

Shelley Crisp

Remember having “Marshals”? They kept us in line and made sure we got where we were going. Time to marshal your intentions to join the fun for reunion weekend— the registration deadline is almost here!                      



08/23/19 03:26 PM #38    


Mary Fontaine

Yes, I remember them.  I was one!  The main thing I enjoyed about being one was getting out a few minutes early from class to go get our sashes on!  (I also liked the sashes laugh)!

08/24/19 06:07 PM #39    


Muriel Elliott (Mimura)

To #15:  Muriel Elliott (now Mimura) in the middle and Forest Goldston on the right.

09/28/19 11:09 PM #40    


Mary Porter (Brown)

WOW oh WOW oh WOW, what a great reunion tonight. Many thanks to all the hard work for us to be able to enjoy!! And boy have we all aged gracefully!!

09/29/19 04:22 PM #41    

Shelley Crisp

A truly wonderful weekend celebrating 50 years of us. Please post your photos with identification if possible. The reunion team will work on a compilation of as many photos as possible and let you know when and where they will be accessible. Cheers to all who came and fond waves to those who couldn’t be with us— we missed you all.


09/29/19 04:34 PM #42    

Tommy Bolus

Thank you to all who put this reunion together. Great job and I understand you are going to do it again next year. 

Many thanks,

Tommy Bolus

09/30/19 04:42 PM #43    


Carol Williams (Atwood)

We had an amazing time! Thanks so much to the organizers for all your hard work! Everything happened seamlessly and it was very convenient to pick up our nametags and go! 

I had made a list of everyone I wanted to see for the 3 events we attended (the 3 with food). I saw lots of wonderful friends. But I have to say that at the Saturday night dinner, I never got the chance to talk to the people from the middle tables all the way to the back wall. Sorry I missed you guys!

10/01/19 06:28 PM #44    


Carol Williams (Atwood)

Did you go to Wiley Elementary School?

As I understand it, there was not a big turnout of Wiley alums.

Are you interested in a Wiley Elementary Facebook group for Wiley alums for our year? 

Let me know if you are!

10/04/19 10:46 AM #45    


Carol Williams (Atwood)

Can someone tell me the exact number of students that graduated from Broughton in 1969? Thank you!

10/06/19 11:13 AM #46    

Richard Wilson

I think they were around 650 graduates from Broughton.  Did you live on Marlow road??




10/08/19 10:15 AM #47    


Carol Williams (Atwood)

Nope! Cameron Village area.

11/05/19 02:33 PM #48    


Laurie Vass

I am having serious withdrawal syndrome every time I look at thes pics. I don't want this event to be over.

Too much fun

The sheriff said, "Boy I should've known it was you
You got fourteen people in the back of this truck
I warned you twice and now I'm writing you up"
I said "Officer, what have I done?"
He smiled and said, "Boy you're having too much fun"

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